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Every bride deserves to have a positive gown shopping experience.

We at Unveiled are passionate about providing exceptional service to every bride, and making each woman feel absolutely gorgeous at her special occasion. Plus size, curvy, or voluptuous, you have to realize your worth and own every inch of your beauty!

We decided long ago that every bride deserves to try on as many gowns as she needs until she finds “the one.” Our promise to our brides is, “If we don’t have your gown, we will find you someone who does.” This is because it is our belief that every bride deserves to feel absolutely incredible on her wedding day and we will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

In today’s world, women can sometimes be made to feel like they are not enough – they aren’t skinny enough, smart enough, tall enough… This is a concept we fervently reject. You are more than enough! You are stunning, beautiful, intelligent, and worthy of feeling gorgeous and special on your big day. Unveiled isn’t just about looking pretty, it’s about being exactly who you are and celebrating that!

Photo Credit Alexandra Marie Photography
Photo Credit Alexandra Marie Photography
Danielle Springer, Owner & Bridal Professional
Danielle Springer, Owner & Bridal Professional

Superior Service

At Unveiled, we make it our mission to provide superior customer service. When looking for your perfect dress, the process is not unlike the one you experienced when searching for your soul-mate. We know you have to have options! Danielle, our Bridal Professional, will take the time to listen to your needs, and allow you the ability to try on every stunning gown, in order to grasp an idea of the exact dress you desire. Our boutique provides one-on-one consultations for each and every customer.

Unveiled is unique in that we cater to women with curves! If you wear a size 10 in your favorite jeans, you have the opportunity to shop at Unveiled. Our gowns are available up to a size 40, so no matter your level of voluptuousness, we have got the perfect gown for you!

That being said, your perfect gown doesn’t have to cost a fortune. We work tirelessly to find gowns that are beautiful and affordable. We make it our mission to only stock gowns in a low to mid budget because we understand that weddings are expensive! It is our mission to keep this process as stress free as possible. Unveiled ensures that no matter your budget, we will provide outstanding gowns of superior quality and luxury to every customer. 

We promise that you will have an amazing experience at Unveiled, but more than anything, we guarantee that your fiancé will be stunned by your beauty on your big day!

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